Despite being in Nigeria, Ghanaians can access the website, sign up, bet, and withdraw money instantly. In order to use the website effectively, you need to exchange Cedes of Ghana for Nigerian Naira. Below is everything you need to know about Betking online registration process, account verification, deposit, withdrawal, and betting.

How to open a BetKing account
Follow the steps below to open an account:

Open your browser: Connect to the internet, and go to your Application List or Start Menu if you are using a Windows application. Open your favorite browser by clicking on its icon.
Visit the BetKing website.
Tap “Register Now”: this button is located in the menu options bar at the top.

4. Choose a unique username.

5. Set password: Must have 6 to 15 characters. The selected password should not have any spaces.

6. Enter your name: The first text box will contain your first name and your last name will answer your last name.

7. Click on the Next button: a green button will take you to the last registration step.

8. Provide a valid phone and email: You will be contacted by the number you provided or the email address.

9. Write down your date of birth: Use the drop-down menu to select the date, month, and year of your birth.

10. Indicate your Location: Scroll until you see your state. Tap on it.

11. Accept the terms and conditions: If you have the Upgrade Code, don’t forget to enter it before clicking the “Click here to submit” button.


How to check BetKing account
You are required to verify the phone number added to your profile. Will receive the following benefits after completing the survey:

Additional security
Simple password recovery process
Personalized support information in your inbox.
To review, follow these steps:

Click on the “My Account” icon.
Next to your phone number, you will see a search button. Click on it.
A one-time postcode will be sent to your phone. Return it and place it in the empty field.
Finally, click forward.
How to deposit money into your BetKing account
Now that you have an active active account, the next step is to activate your account. You can use the following funds to add money to your profile:

Interswitch WebPay
Fast forward
Pay attention to the Bank section
Transfer Bank Bank GT Online
GT .pay
Instant bank
Zenith Bank Transfer Mobile
Fast ATM application
GAD HOUSE: COVER: 1xBet Ghana: Deposit 2019 Preliminary Deposit

Follow the steps below for each step:


How to register and use Bet365 in Ghana

For online bank transfer:

Go to GTB Bank and make sure the site has SSL certificates
Log in to your bank account by providing your credentials
On the left side of your screen, click Payments and Accounts.
Tap games and games.
Select BetKing. If you can’t find it, do a quick check.
Enter your BetKing ID.
Specify the deposit amount. It should be less than 10,000,000 Naira and more than 100 Naira.
Click Continue.
Select the account you want to pay from.
For GT Pay:

Tap the “Current Deposit” button.
Kinggba bet
Source: UGC
You will be taken to the GT Pay page, where you will be required to enter your favorite system (Card or Bank).
Provide an email address that you subscribe to BetKing.
Enter your card details.
Get OTP and get Payaa.
The minimum deposit is N100. The maximum amount depends on your card / bank.

For online bank transfer:

Visit the GT website.
Click on “GTCollections” at the bottom of the website.
Select your deposit amount.
Select SV GAMING LTD. If you cannot find the account name, do so immediately.
Enter your user ID. This can be found in the BetKing account store.
Specify the amount and click Continue.
Confirm the description. If they are correct, click Confirm to proceed.
Give your email address
Click Continue.
You will be charged N50 for setting up your deposit.
Fast forward
Walking into any QuickTeller or Interswitch enabled ATM application
Insert your card
Enter your PIN
Select the Pay Bill or QuickTeller option on the ATM.
Select an account type
The customer code for BetKing is 04314801
Your Customer Reference is your BetKing User ID found in the top bar section if you are logged in to your account.
Enter deposit amount
Give your phone number
Click Continue to complete the transaction. You will be charged a processing fee of 100 Naira.


UG MIS Web student portal: Registration, correspondence, email, payment

Zenith Bank
To use their USSD code:

Open your phone app
Call * 966 * 6 * 7842 #
Make calls using the SIM card associated with your bank account
Enter a 6-digit user PIN
Specify the amount
Verify the transaction by providing your PIN
Will be notified if the business is successful.
About the internet for Zenith Bank customers are as follows:

Log in to their account

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